Paramedical Pigmentologist, Certified Plasma Specialist, Certified Hyaluron Pen Technician

Naturally, everyone in life wants to look and feel their best, personal appearance can be a reflection of one’s confidence and attitude and how he or she expresses that to others. Unfortunately, we are often judged by appearance alone and often overlooked by the beauty inside.  The media pressures us to look, act and feel certain ways and any deviation in these beauty standards or ideals can be a source of alienation from others as well as ourselves. It’s when these differences cause unhappiness, loss of confidence or even depression is when it should be addressed.

My educational background includes a degree in Business and a graduate of the National Career Education program. Being the son of a former military member, I’ve had the opportunity to educate and travel abroad to see some of life’s struggles, my insight into cultural differences and their unique perspectives are what makes us special as individuals.

I love to donate my time on the weekends to the less fortunate victims of burns, abuse, cancer and skin disorders and to bring a smile to their faces and achieve that sense of fulfillment in our hearts. I demand as much of myself, in the quality and professionalism in every process and procedure I perform. In society, our measure of success is often quantified by personal wealth or possessions and not our contributions to humanity. “Give back” are the words I live by and an oath and my testimonial in life.